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UNMASK- Book 2 Uncovering The Truth




Anya finds herself between a rock and a hard place. What is she to believe, the word of a pregnant woman or the word of a person she has known for five years who grew up with Royce and knew his history of keeping company with some unsavory women? Trust a man who had no identity until tonight and whom she barely knows? Or take a chance on a person she has spent time with and has grown to admire? Can Anya resolve the issues from her past so that she will find happiness in the future?

Accommodating his need to protect and his desire to be good enough interferes with Sebasti√°n’s everyday life. He is stuck in the past. He is unable to resolve the issues stemming from his childhood. He wants to move forward and heal the pain but does not know how to take the necessary steps. Will this turmoil impact his relationship with the people he loves?

Royce is a successful attorney who has guarded his heart since losing his wife, Skylar. Trying to mask the pain, he is now potentially trapped having a baby with a woman he doesn’t love. Will time reveal the truth and heal his broken heart?

Bryce has lived the life of a playboy and is now ready to settle down and be in a monogamous relationship, but he doesn’t know if that is possible until he sits across the table from a beautiful lady at a charity event. Leah is rough around the edges but determined to make it. Her relationship with Anya is closer than a sister’s. She doesn’t want to disappoint Anya. How far will she go to make her dreams a reality?

Will new relationships blossom out of this chaos and confusion? Only time will tell.

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