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I Am My Own Dad-When Your Seed Means So Much


I want to share why I felt it necessary to be my dad. As human beings, we are blessed to have the ability to generate change and ways to improve our lives, circumstances, and situations. All we must do is tap into our ability to adapt and overcome. When a young man has no dad, there are no guidelines nor a base to mold himself. They are often forced to “wing it” and endure many trials and tribulations that sometimes can yield lifelong scars. These scars can descend to their children and their children’s children.

In this reading, I will take you through the eyes and ears of a boy with no dad and no choice. It is not my goal to bash the moms out there but to give an insight into what a boy with missing pieces goes through emotionally to survive and be a great dad to his seed.

If you have a young man with no role model, granddad, uncle, or neighborhood dad who is not afraid to share his dad’s skills, please connect him with one.


I Am My Own Dad-When Your Seed Means So Much



I want to explain why stepping up and being a father figure was important. As humans, we have the ability to make positive changes in our lives, circumstances, and situations. We need to tap into our resilience and determination. When a young man grows up without a father, he lacks guidance and a role model to shape his development. This can lead to difficult challenges and lifelong emotional scars. These scars can affect future generations. In this book, I’ll share my personal experience as a young man without a father and how I overcame it to become a loving and responsible father. My intention is not to criticize mothers but to shed light on a fatherless boy’s emotional struggles to become a great dad to his own children. If you know a young man who lacks a role model, whether it’s a grandfather, uncle, or neighbor who can share their fatherly wisdom, please connect him with one.


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