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A'Lure Publishing LLC

Release date April 1, 2023

#1 Global Best-Seller

Our Mission

A’lure Publishing LLC is a unique publishing and retail company ready to collaborate with you in sharing your literary masterpiece with the world through book literature, letters, articles, interviews, family memoirs, and blogs.

The Vision

Continuing the legacy of publishing companies who’ve been around for years, our goal is to become the apple in publishing by creating diversity and inclusion, authorpreneuership, and life-long partnerships. Identifying the purpose, wants, and needs of our authors, honorary members, and connecting with the community: building trust and credibility. We aim to create a family atmosphere, serving extraordinary people like you and me, executing leadership, stability, humility, and creativity in bringing your dreams to a reality.

Core Values

INTEGRITY & TRANSPARENCY in all that we do.

RESPECTING the team, authors, and vendors.

COMMITTED to the needs and wants of the team, authors, and vendors.

Setting aside QUALITY TIME for our team, authors, and vendors.

Providing exceptional SERVICE with a smile.

RECOGNITION & CELEBRATION for executed projects & new business relationships.

Maintaining RESPECT and CONTINUING the LEGACY of publishing companies already established.

Building CREDIBILITY and life-long business collaborations.

CREATIVE in promotion, support, and guidance.

" Masterpieces are constructed by those who dare to dream beyond the simple word No. "
Dr.Calenthia Miller
Author of the "UnMask" Series

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